Water Sports

Sailing & windsurfing

Sailing & Windsurfing are very popular & well organised in Rhodes. The Open Sea Nautical Club of Rhodes which was founded in 1989 contributes highly to the development of sailing on the island, organising international sailing events yearly.

There are many sailing boats of all types available for hire in Rhodes. Windsurfing is very popular in Rhodes and many areas around the island offer organised facilities for wind surfing lovers of every level…

The gulf of Ixia and the beach of Ialysos on the Northwest side of the island, together with Prassonisi Cape at the most Southern tip, have excellent climatic conditions for wind surfing and are considered a surfers paradise with many and well organized facilities.

The winds on the island have a northwest & westerly direction from April to October, known locally as Meltemi, with an average speed of 12 knots. The rest of the year the winds are of a southern and westerly direction.

Water sports

At the beaches of Faliraki, Kolymbia, Afandou Tsambika and South Rhodes there are plenty of well organized facilities for various types of water sports suitable for every age and style! From family fun activities to adventurous ones for the adrenaline lovers!