The port of Rhodes offers efficient arrival / departure clearance without idle time of berth, sufficient length and draft for large cruise vessels, ship side access to shore excursion coaches & vehicles. The new cruise passenger terminal offers a 580m2 facility fully equipped to meet the demands of modern cruise vessels and their guests. The port, implements a port facility security plan and fully complies with the ISPS Code- Level 1 requirements. Furthermore, it is committed to security and observes any new regulation implemented at international, European and national level. The port’s close proximity to the town, allows easy access to a number of supplies and services.

Port location

Proximity to other ports

Rodos is ideally located acting as a gateway to the Aegean to the West  and the coast of Turkey to the East. The port of Rodos can serve as a  home port not only due to the island’s infrastructures and but also due to the port’s proximity to the well-known Greek islands (Mykonos, Santorini,  Heraklion) and other attractive destinations in neighboring countries.

Marmaris 25 NM
Kos 64 NM
Bodrum 69 NM
Patmos 108 NM
Santorini 148 NM
Mykonos 165 NM
Chios 170 NM
Heraklion 171 NM
Syros 175 NM
Chania 219 NM
Mytilini 224 NM
Izmir 235 NM
Piraeus 257 NM
Limassol 271 NM
Nauplion 280 NM
Volos 331 NM
Kavala 345 NM

Port Said 372 NM
Katakolon 382 NM
Thessaloniki 383 NM
Beirut 390 NM
Haifa 394 NM
Istanbul 422 NM
Corfu 522 NM
Malta 671 NM
Civitavecchia 939 NM
Venice 1008 NM
Genoa 1125 NM
Cannes 1163 NM
Palma 1260 NM
Barcelona 1309 NM
Lisbon 1933 NM
Southampton 2775 NM

Visitors by cruise

Port history

  • 408 BC – First record of the East Pier known also as the “Windmills Pier”
  • 305 BC – Fortification of the East Pier which is extended to 150 meters
  • 1250 – Under Byzantium rule the East Pier is reinforced with huge boulders along its entire length, reaching a width of 6 meters
  • 1209 – The knights of St. John conquer the city  and settle in Rodos. Later they fortify the port and  the harbor entrance is closed by large iron chains as defense against invaders
  • 1950 – A new quay is constructed extending to the customs building, creating a new area in the harbor – the “Cruise Pier”
  • 1968 – Additional berthing is added to the Cruise Pier
  • 1982 – The construction of the Cruise Pier is finalized
  • 1993 – Further extension of the port begins with the addition of “Akandia Pier”
  • 1999 – The berths of Akandia Pier are completed
  • 2008 – The Port of Rodos receives ISPS certification
  • 2012 – The Cruise Passenger Terminal is completed and operates in May of the same year

Port cruise berths

Port service provisions

Cruise terminal

Covering an area of 550 m2, it is operating as of June 2012. The terminal offers all the facilities which a modern and functional cruise terminal requires to meet the needs of today’s cruise vessels, especially for those embarking and disembarking in the Port of Rodos.

Port services:

  • Schengen entry/exit
  • Pilot service
  • Tugboat service
  • Customs
  • Stevedores
  • Fresh water
  • Garbage removal
  • Bunkers
  • Forklifts

Independent suppliers

  • BAROUTAS Tel: +30 22410 85116
  • ANIPSOTIKI RODOU Tel: +30 22410 75077
Ship agents:
  • CARAYANIDES TRAVEL SERVICES Manolis Hatzimihalis Tel: +30 22410 24382
  • DONOMIS George Koukouras  Tel: +30 22410 95729
  • GEM TRAVEL George Michalakis Tel: +30 22410 76209
  • GEORGIADIS TOURS S.A. George Georgiadis Tel: +30 22410 27300
  • RPSA Nikolaos Psilakis Tel: +30 22410 96545
Ship chandlers:
  • GEORGIADIS TOURS S.A. Pavlos Georgiadis Tel: +30 22410 27300
  • GEM TRAVEL George Michalakis Tel: +30 22410 76209