Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs are located at the bay of Kallithea, just 9km from the City of Rhodes. The thermal springs of Kallithea have been known since antiquity for their healing waters. In 1927, upon the initiative of the Italian commander of the Dodecanese islands, Mario Lago started a systematic study of the waters of Kallithea, as well as the construction of its facilities. The project was awarded to the architect Petrio Lombardy and the designs were considered among the best architectural compositions of that era. The Kallithea Springs were very popular and remained in operation until 1967.

Refurbished and tastefully restored, since July 1 2007, the Kallithea Springs complex has been open once again to the public, welcoming all visitors to the renovated, majestic premises by the sea.

The unique architecture and the grandeur of the space, with pebble stone mosaics, Rotonta Hall, Terrace, an impressive patio and the staircases at the entrance, create a nostalgic cinematic backdrop.

The picturesque beach with crystal clear waters plays host to hundreds of visitors daily while its seabed known for its variety and beauty, attracts many organized groups of divers to admire it. The historic cafe at the picturesque harbor completely renovated, welcomes visitors all day.