Scuba diving

The marine wealth of the island offers a unique experience for scuba diving lovers.

Clear and warm waters, steep cliffs, hidden caves and shipwrecks create a perfect background for the observation of the marine fauna and flora of the island.

Deep down in the deep blue sea, exists a wonderful unknown world, one of enchanting beauty. The ones that visit it, experience the sensation of being accepted into a silent paradise, filled with infinite forms, colours and myriads of sea species.

The seas of Rhodes are recorded as the cleanest in the Mediterranean. Thus, diving into the “big blue” of Rhodes  represents a unique experience for those who attempt it, provided they have prior training and special precautions are taken.

There are many well organized fast learning schools for beginners who would like to explore the amazing marine world of Rhodes during their holidays! For the more experienced divers these schools can organize a package of dives to amazing sites, to suit all interests and experience levels. Scuba diving using the proper equipment is allowed in all sea areas, where there is no specific prohibition for the protection of archaeological resources.

Any discovery of an ancient object in the course of scuba diving must be immediately reported to the nearest Port Authorities. It is prohibited to bring to the surface or to move objects of archaeological or other significance.

Underwater photography or cinematography of ancient objects is done with the permission of the local Port Authorities, granted after the concurrence of the competent Underwater Archaeological Findings Inspection dept. of the Ministry for Culture.