The Castles of Rhodes

Throughout the island of Rhodes, forts and castles designed to protect the inhabitants from enemy attacks are raised on sites considered strategic since antiquity.

Above the bay of Haraki – today a small resort – the view is dominated by the ruins of the impregnable medieval castle of Faraklos, at the foot of which the remains of an ancient sugar mill, which operated until the era of the Knights’ Rule, was discovered.

Near the village of Monolithos, the namesake castle is perched at the top of a huge steep rock, rising within short distance from the coast, offering stunning views. It was built by the Knights of the Order of St. John in the 14th century to control the sea passage and protect the residents from pirate raids. The sunset here is enchanting. The road from the castle leads to beautiful secluded beaches.

The castle of Kritinia – also known as Kastellos – is a mixture of Byzantine and Medieval styles, its fortifications enclosing the ruins of the Christian church of St. Paul. During the Venetian rule, it was used as a dockyard.

The castle of Asclepeion was built by the Grand Master Pierre d’Aubusson in 1479 at the site of the ancient beacon tower. The castle was used by the Knights and earlier by the Byzantines to protect the residents of the nearby villages with rectangular bastions and two strong towers.